"Smitty" Margaret Maggie Smith

Smitty is a 65 year old female wanderer native from Ireland, recently relocated to San Francisco from Sacramento, CA. She trained with a marital arts master and is particularly skilled with the Katana.


“Smitty” – Margaret Maggie Smith age 65, Rank – Veteran XP=41


Agility – 4
Smarts – 6
Spirit – 8
Strength – 10
Vigor – 6


Pace – 6
Parry – 7
Toughness – 5
Grit – 3
Charisma – 0


Fighting – D10
Climbing – D6
Intimidation – D6
Tracking – D8
Persuasion – D6
Shooting – D6
Deflection – D6
Armor – D6
Notice – D6


Code of Honor (Major)
Death Wish (Minor)
Wanted (Minor-Unlawful Tampering with Horse Property in Sacramento)


Martial Arts (no gang up, consider yourself armed even when not)
Arcane Background: Chi Mastery (Trained with a master-20 power points)



Alertness: +2 notice rolls

Luck: 1 extra benny per session


Katana (Trademark weapon-Str+D6+2 Damage, Armor Piercing)
Fingerless gloves – +1 to fight rolls

Basic Equipment:


Dinero: 250



Smitty Margaret Maggie Smith came over from Ireland with her husband to St. Louis, Missouri. She was never able to have children but she loves children nonetheless. Native Americans murdered her husband as he rode into town one day on his way back from visiting relatives in Hermann, Missouri. Shortly after her husband’s death, Smitty traveled by herself to Sacramenton, CA where she worked at a restaurant and hotel owned by a large Asian family. One of them eventually became her sensei and trained her in the ways of martial arts over 15 years. Most of the members of this large family died due to a clash involving an old blood feud and the rest of the family fled to Oregon a few months ago. Smitty took revenge on their killers by letting their prixzed horses loose one evening as she made her way out of town to San Francisco, CA. Smitty has long silver hair worn in a single braid down her back and wears trousers always. She always has her Katana on her at all times.

"Smitty" Margaret Maggie Smith

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